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Inside ROOT Design's Studio on a Paint & Sip Night
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I am an artist, writer, and teacher by nature and I live that truth with passion.  
I’m energized  by all aspects of the creative process, and that energy translates into my work.


As a graphic designer, I bring marketing/advertising messages to life —
from concept to completion — by developing compelling and inspiring digital and  print materials.


As a fine artist and jewelry designer, I create original pieces that are inspired by my
life's experiences and people who influence me personally & professionally.

As an art  teacher, I am passionate working with kids from infancy through middle school.

I lead with patience, creativity, and fun just as my nickname, "Pammy Poppins" conveys! 
I design curriculums that utilize books, art/activities, and instructional methods to
motivate children. No child leaves me without feeling magical and powerful.


My art studio in Madison, CT is a place where I invite people, all ages, into to create, inspire one another,and enjoy each other's company. I hold "Paint and Sip" parties, "Make & Take" parties, Birthday Parties, Craft Classes... you name it, we can create it together and make it happen. 

I BELIEVE in the power of creativity. I LIVE this. And, I want you to EXPERIENCE
the same passion in your life. We are all capable of this so, let's
collaborate, inspire, and support  each other.


Portfolio & Services (click on photo for more info.):


"Everything has beauty
in it, but
not everyone sees it"




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